Postcrossing: Hessu666

Postcrossing: Hessu666

ViestiKirjoittaja Goofy » 02.03.2020 20:21

If you just arrived from my Postcrossing's profile 'cos you got my address thru the site...
don't worry if you can't find a card what would hit to my wishes or if you can't protect the card with envelope.

Actually I've a special suggestion for you: send that most horrible card with (many) real stamp(s).

'cos I do collect used stamps too and over 90% of cards without an envelope arrive looking like these:

But if you're able to find a card which I would love to receive then PLEASE send it written inside an envelope. Thank you! <3

And I would be extremely happy if you don't cover printed texts behind the card 'cos I would like to read them. Thank you! :)


Those what I would love to get and do collect are marked below with numbers 1 to 12. :)

My collections about subjects 1-11 are in my online albums:
(Sorry about the mess inside few albums, I'll organize them but it's slow process)

My card wishes - all 1 to 12:


Angry Birds
B. Virtanen
Beetle Bailey (Masi)
Dark Dudes
Disney (& Pixar)
DreamWorks animations (Shrek, Madagascar, etc.)
Emily the Strange
Gaston (Niilo Pielinen)
Hägar the Horrible
Kiroileva Siili / Tassutellen
Krtek the Mole
Kunnas, Mauri
L.J. Vis
Looney Tunes
Lucky Luke
Pink Panther
South Park
Tex Willer
Woody Woodpecker

2) bands, musicians, singers
3) Tom of Finland, LGBT+, Adam Lambert, Boy George etc.
4) TV:
The Big Bang Theory
Jackass, Bam Margera
5) WWF (Is there Earth Hour cards?)
6) Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto
7) Luonto-Liitto
8) Grumpy cat
9) James Bond
10) Postallove's Greetings from... / map cards (ONLY country, autonomous region or U.S. states) / country flags
11) picture cards with old tools and tractors without cabin
12) Suomen kunnat

My Postcards wall's favorites = WANTED cards. :)

Folded cards and already traveled cards are okay if picture side is undamaged and are new to my collections. :)

If you need ideas what to write on the card - tell me your favorite bands or what book you've read. :)

And I'm sorry that I wanna keep my received wall almost empty.
You can see my cards here:


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